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Secret Santa (Pt4)

Secret Santa

A Holiday Fan Fiction,

Written by Desinere

A Sweet Kiss - -

December 20, 2007:


It was homeroom on Thursday, and Ryan felt so tired. He was seriously overanalyzing this whole shenanigan! Ew, he sounded like some kind of old, fruity grandpa… Try that once more. He was seriously overanalyzing this whole sitch!


…Eh, he figured that sounding like Kim Possible was better than sounding like Papa Evans.


He was trying not to doze off—Ms. Darbus would have his lovely, well-moisturized hide—but his attempts weren’t necessary. Ms. Darbus squawked out, very shrilly Ryan might add,


“Class, as the winter festivities near closer and closer still, it is customary for many an actor or actress to perform acts, or even sing songs in spirit of the holidays. As a completely unsystematic start to your day, I would like to know each of your favorite Christmas songs!”


An audible groan rose from the dead that were the senior class of East High. Ms. Darbus clapped her hands to wake everyone up, mumbling something about unappreciative, sloppy children.


“Let’s start with… Taylor! Taylor McKessie, name your favorite Christmas song, please.” The dramatic Drama class teacher demanded, rather than requested. The dark-skinned young brain of a woman visibly gulped before responding, “Um… Carol of the Bells?”


“Good, good,” Ms. Darbus said, sounding like she could care less. “Mr. Danforth. Your favorite Christmas carol, if that isn’t too much to ask for?” The teacher asked with a raised brow. For once, Chad looked completely up to the challenge of answering a question and said, arms folded in front of him, “Jingle Bell Rock.”


The song title sparked something within Ryan’s memory. Why was it so significant again? He lost his train of thought when he noticed that Chad was blatantly staring right at him, a smirk alit in his eyes. Ryan looked confused for a second. What? Did he have something on his face? He self-consciously rubbed a palm over his right cheek.


Right… Why was Jingle Bell Rock so familiar, so important, and so key?


In an instant, a penguin flashed in his mind, along with a wildcat mockery of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Of course! The presents!


This must mean that Chad had some connection with the mystery person, but Ryan already figured that. It couldn’t be Troy, could it? Or maybe it was Zeke? Ryan shuddered; for some reason, he didn’t think either boy would do something so heartfelt and nice for Ryan, even if they were all friends.


He sighed, storing the information away in a file for later use.



Ryan was busily inspecting his nail beds (he was due for a manicure soon) when a triangular-shaped note landed on his desk. He glanced around, curious, and didn’t see anyone looking at him. Chad, who sat next to him in Science class, was busy listening to his iPod.


He took a moment to figure out how to unfold the stupid thing, and smiled in delight when he saw that familiar penmanship. It was his little Secret Santa!


The notebook paper was decorated with doodles of small sprigs of red-and-green holly, gingerbread people, and candy canes. In the center was written:


I’m asking Santa for you this year, boy

I need you more than any silly little toy

Merry Christmas just doesn’t seem fair

Without the one for whom I truly do care…


(Hey! Wait outside of the nurse’s office after this class; you’ll find something for you.)


Ryan blinked with surprise at how heartfelt the poem was. He’d discovered something odd about each of the notes, because when he put the little sayings together, it seemed to make an odd kind of ode. This one didn’t really seem to fit in with the pattern Ryan had been noticing, but he didn’t care. It was the thought that counted!


He smiled and sighed, hugging the paper slightly to his chest. Chad was giving him an odd look, and Ryan just stuck his tongue out at the frizzy-haired jock, too upbeat to be insecure.




He was there, waiting outside of Mrs. Bentley’s (the nurse of East High) office when Chad walked past him.


“Hey Ryan,” He said casually, tossing a small brown paper bag at the boy that he thankfully caught mid-air, “You got another present.”


“Wait, Chad!” Ryan said, running to catch up with the quickly moving jock. He was busily doing tricks with a basketball with his one hand while the other was tucked into his jeans’ pocket. “Did you see who it was that gave this to you?”


Chad stumbled for a second, which caused him to lose control of the ball he was spinning. Ryan caught it just in time before it landed on Chad’s unprotected head. “Here,” Ryan said, tossing the orange sphere back to the surprised jock. “Now, did you see who gave this to you?”


“Well,” Chad said sheepishly, hugging his precious basketball closer to his chest, “I might know who he is.”


“You do? Oh, tell me! Tell me!” Ryan prompted, latching onto Chad’s arm in a similar way he’d done to Kelsi yesterday. Chad laughed then, and quickly removed himself from the bouncy Evans boy.


“Come on, Evans! You can’t be that thickheaded! Do you know how many clues have been thrown your way so far?” He asked with a contemplative raised eyebrow. Ryan pouted and rearranged his red-and-white-striped newsboy cap upon his head (it was one that cutely resembled a candy cane!).


“Please, just one little hint?” Ryan asked, batting his eyelashes. Chad rolled his eyes but smiled.


“Well, since you asked so nicely…” He said, indicating to Ryan to move closer. “…He’s hot chocolate.”


“Hot… what?” Ryan asked, but he was talking to himself, because Chad had walked off, grinning, down the hall. “How can he be hot choco—“ Ryan’s eyes widened greatly. “Oh. Hot chocolate.” He gave a saucy grin.


So engrossed in the little clue he’d gotten, he almost forgot to look at his new gift. He shrugged; it was time to leave the school anyway, so he could open it up once he got home.



He sat in his desk, the past notes strewn about on his desk’s surface. His desk was festive-looking; a small artificial Christmas tree, with blinking multi-colored lights and small ornaments (including one musical Wildcats one), sat in one corner, and he had an empty, holly-patterned thermos in the other corner.


The feeling of kisses spread to my toes…


(Hope you like chocolate.)


He frowned. Why wouldn’t he like chocolate? He remembered the forgotten bag and, popping the staple out of the folded bag, he shoved his hands inside. He felt small, cool-to-the-touch, slightly rounded yet slightly pointed objects, as well as strange, wispy things. He grabbed onto one item, and removed his hand from inside of the opaque bag.


In between his pointer finger and thumb was a red-and-white-striped Hershey’s chocolate kiss.


How cliché, yet how sweet! Ryan smiled tenderly; how did this person know that he loved peppermint-flavored Hershey kisses? He bit into the delicious morsel, savoring the rich tastes that overflowed his taste receptors.


This was definitely turning out to be a pretty good almost-Christmas.


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Dec. 20th, 2007 04:48 pm (UTC)
I just read all the first four parts and I can't wait for the last two parts!!! this is amazingly written and it put me in a christmas mood, lol! :D

also, Ryan, damn, how can you not guess it's been Chad all the time? XD ah, that boy XD

update soon!!! :D
Dec. 20th, 2007 04:49 pm (UTC)
Love it love it love... Chad is so sweet and Ryan is so thick headed...lol I cant wait to read more of this story and finally see these to come together I know it will be great :)
Dec. 20th, 2007 08:29 pm (UTC)
Well, Ryan isn't exactly the brightest penny in the fountain, is he? His gorgeousness makes up for it. :P
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