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Preparing for NaNoWriMo! :D

Yep, I just created my account at NaNoWriMo. It's going to be my first time participating!
It seems like a pretty cool activity, so I thought I'd try my hand at writing a novel in a month!
I have an idea all planned out--thankfully. Now, to prepare to put everything onto paper...

Please, if you're a writer who has been scared of challenges like writing novels, join NaNoWriMo for this November; you'll feel accomplished if you do. I know I probably will. ^.^


Writer's Block: Your Invention...

If you could invent one thing and make it a reality, what would it be? Why?
If I could invent one thing and make it a reality, I would make Lightning, a mysterious Olympian God my overactive imagination created, a reality, so he could be real for me to love forever and ever.
Overly romantic? Yes. But it's what I'd ultimately want.
Whenever I envision comfort, I see a simple scene in my Mind's Eye. There I am, sitting in a Panera with a half-finished baguette, some coffee that's in a polka-dotted ceramic mug, and a laptop opened to a good story that takes me half the day to finish reading. My iPod is softly rolling out the beginnings of a delightfully depressing Maroon 5 song, and I'm quietly humming along as I highlight some words in the story on my laptop.
It's simple, it's quirky, and it's totally geeky, but that's my idea of comfort. 

The Valentine's Vixen

she is
alive and radiant,
emitting delicious moans,
music to my deprived ears

she is
reacting so explosively
like chemicals, we react
still pretty as her glossy lipstick smears

she is
warm and writhing,
dripping in molten chocolate,
and the essence of sin

she is a valentine,
cut from bright red carboard...
just with more exposure
and graced with silken skin.

He Says No

by Desinere


          Whenever Chad looks at Ryan, he feels his stomach do strange acrobatics. He thinks his heart skips a beat and flies out of his chest. His voice goes slightly raspy, and he blames it on a cold he never had. Troy asks him what’s up with him and Ryan, and Chad says nothing; he just shrugs and walks in the other direction.

          Whenever Ryan looks at Chad, he thinks that he’s grown a pair of wings; he feels a thousand times lighter than a moment ago. He feels like he’s bought fifty brand-new, sparkling hats, or done a thousand and one jazz squares. His eyes begin to sparkle, and he tells Sharpay that it’s just the thought of beating Troy and Gabriella in the next Musicale. Sharpay screeches at him when he spaces out during their auditions, and he blames it on not having enough caffeine earlier that day.

          Whatever Chad does, he somehow always links it to Ryan. When he’s playing basketball with Troy, Zeke and Jason, it’s because Ryan’s occupied with rehearsals. If he happens to be hanging out with Taylor at the café a few blocks away from the school, then Ryan had to stay in school an hour later to work with the Ms. Darbus on the writing essay he failed in English.

          Whatever Ryan does, he can’t stop thinking about big, fluffy hair like clouds and dark skin the color of rich chocolate. He wonders if that hair is as fluffy as it looks, or if that skin tastes anything like chocolate. Sharpay asks him to go to the mall with her and her Sharpettes, and he only agrees to because Chad went on another date with his girlfriend.

          Chad doesn’t know why, but whenever Ryan comments on how hot Troy looked without a shirt on in basketball practice later on when it’s just the two of them, hanging out, his jaw clenches, his hands make fists, and his chest tightens in a painful way. He thinks that the room is covered in a green haze, because that’s the color he sees.

          Ryan doesn’t know why, but he feels like he wants to curl up in a corner and cry his eyes out whenever Taylor give Chad a cutesy little peck on his cheek. He thinks to himself that Chad deserved so much better, that Chad could get so much better, and wonders whom Chad would choose.

          Chad meets up with Troy one day, his old and trusting basketball slung in one arm, prepared for a game of one-on-one. Instead, Troy surprises him by asking him to sit down on his backyard grass ground. He says, “Chad, we should talk.”

          Ryan is busy with painting his sister’s toenails a sparkling pink, ever so delicately stroking the paint on with the applicator brush, when he thinks that Sharpay will complain that he’s not doing it right. Instead, Sharpay surprises him by asking him to stop for a moment, taking the nail polish away from her brother. She says, “Ryan, We should talk.”

          Chad says “No,” offering his hand to his longtime best friend who sits on the ground, looking up at him with surprised blue eyes. “Let’s play some b-ball.”

          Ryan says “No,” frowning as he snatches the nail polish back and resumes his job as her pedicurist. “Do you want another coat of sparkles?”

          Chad knows what Troy wants to talk about. He wants to know why Chad was nowhere to be found during last night’s after-party. Chad knows that if he talks to Troy about it right now, he’ll feel like he was forced into telling his best friend that he’s gay and that he made out with the Ice Princess’ twin brother. He knows that he’s not ready for that.

          Ryan knows what Sharpay wants to talk about. She wants to know why her brother wasn’t there by her side as she insulted the Wildcats-and-Company with scathing and petty remarks. Ryan knows that if he talks to Sharpay about it right now, she’ll screech out in shock and won’t talk to him for a long time, something that the two of them don’t need since the Winter Musicale is days away. He knows that they’ll be ruined on stage if he tells her.

          The next day at school, Chad and Ryan meet up in front of Homeroom, both smiling slightly at each other. They enter the room together, the only other occupant being Ms. Darbus, and sit in their assigned seats. Chad turns to Ryan and says, “I think Troy knows. He tried to get it out of me yesterday, but…”


          “But he said no,” Troy sighed woefully to his girlfriend, who rubbed his arm soothingly.

          “But he said no!” Sharpay huffed to her three-person audience. Emma, Jackie, and Lea, all clad in identical blue outfits, bobbed their heads apologetically.


          “We’ll have to talk to them eventually though,” Ryan sighed. He had skipped Drama Club, Chad basketball practice, for this: the two of them were pressed up together, panting slightly from past events, inside of a janitor’s closet.

          “Eventually,” Chad smirked saucily, pulling Ryan’s face back to his for another kiss. “Not now.”



Personal Drabble Challenge:



Desiree Danforth was a very innocent, protected-from-society type of girl.

Her mother insisted on home schooling her, saying that she didn’t want her little daffodil to be a tainted, a-buck-a-night hooker like a lot of girls these days were condemned to be, whatever that meant. She was banned from watching anything with a higher-than-PG rating; the MTV channels were something she never knew. Chad had gotten a very good talking-to the one day he tried to get Desiree to watch A Shot at Love with him and his boyfriend, Ryan Evans.

She knew that people had sex in order to have babies, but she didn’t know why some people used ‘protection’ in the form of ‘condoms’ when they had sex. What other purpose did sex have? Her mother never told her, instead asked her if she would kindly do the dishes so she could go have a ‘talk’ with Chad—which involve a lot of yelling and glaring on Chad’s part afterwards.

When Chad and Ryan graduated from high school—still in a relationship together, Chad had moved out of the house. That was definitely a day she didn’t want to remember. There had been too many sad goodbyes on her part. Not to mention the fact that her mother had bawled up a storm at seeing her little ‘Chaddums’ growing up. Now, Chad and Ryan shared an apartment in the heart of Santa Fe.

One day, when her mom had been out late for a friend’s adults-only dinner party and Chad had been asked to come over to baby-sit, she had walked into Chad’s bedroom without knocking. She didn’t expect to see Chad and Ryan together in Chad’s bed doing something that looked very strenuous. She was wide-eyed, confused, and wordless, and neither of the boys noticed her arrival or departure, so engrossed in whatever activity they were performing that required them to be underneath the bed’s covers.

Ever since that, she’d been wondering what, exactly, they were attempting to do. She was pretty sure that both boys were completely nude underneath the protection of bed sheets, because when she checked in on the two of them later on that night, while they were cuddled together in their sleep, she saw part of her brother’s exposed, bare hip peeking from underneath the covers. She had walked over and made sure to cover Chad up—she didn’t want him to be cold, after all—before walking out and closing the door softly, smiling at how cute Ryan sounded as he snored.

She was curious enough one afternoon that she decided to use visual models: maybe it would enlighten the rather dim frontier Desiree had knowledge of when it came to intercourse. Two of her favorite dolls—Corbin and Lucas (they looked strangely like Chad and Ryan…) were in an extreme state of undress, placed in the privacy of Desiree’s three-story dollhouse she got from Ryan on her eighth birthday.

She had a small Hello Kitty notepad and a glittery pen that wrote in shimmering baby blue, ready for note taking. A few things were written in a bulleted list:

Ö       Why do guys have sex?

Ö       What is the purpose of protection during sex, if you have sex to have babies?

Ö       Why did Chad and Ryan sound so happy when they were having sex?

She didn’t feel embarrassed at all about being so blunt and inquisitive: she knew that it was human nature to be curious to the point of nosiness. She was sitting Indian-style in front of the dollhouse, her index finger tapping her mocha-colored lips. It just didn’t make any sense to her. She couldn’t comprehend anything about sex; she just didn’t have the proper experience to know. The only other person she’d talked to about sex was her mother, and that didn’t do lot of good. She had thought once or twice about asking Chad or Ryan, but quickly dismissed them—that would be kind of embarrassing.

After a while, Desiree grew tired of trying to uncover the currently impossible. She decided to play around a little with Corbin and Lucas—she poised them so that their hips were in complete contact, deciding that since Corbin was a bit taller than Lucas to put the frizzy-haired African American doll on top of the paler, blonde-haired boy. She arranged the arms and legs so that the limbs were intertwined with one another’s, and Corbin’s head was bowed so that it made the illusion that the two were kissing.

Just then, her mother called her from downstairs, declaring that dinner was ready. She obediently got up from the floor, completely forgetting all about her little experiment.

She had gone over to Monique’s house, the younger sister of one of Chad’s friends named Taylor. They had been friends ever since Mrs. McKessie and her own mother had enrolled the two of them in the same home schooling program provided by their church. Desiree had slept over Monique’s house for the entire weekend, where they talked about movies they’d seen in the theater, painted each other’s nails, braided their hair, and had pillow fights before eating heaps of buttery popcorn over The Phantom of the Opera.

When she arrived home, her mother was pacing back and forth in the kitchen. “Mommy, what’s got you in a tizzy? If you keep on walking like that, you’ll ruin the linoleum,” Desiree joked as she pulled out her vocabulary text to begin her day’s academic regimen. Her mother stopped, clearly looking tense as she cleared her throat uncomfortably. Desiree slowly put down her yellow standard number two pencil when her mother made to speak.

“Dez, darling… would you come with me for a second?” She grabbed onto Desiree’s hand before the girl could respond and dragged her up the stairs and into her room. She was curious, until her mother led her to her dollhouse where her dolls were, specifically Corbin and Lucas who were still locked in an intimate embrace in the bedroom. Her notebook and pen were missing from the scene; instead, they were placed on top of her desk. She had the decency to blush.

“What is this, Desiree?” Her mother asked, and it sounded like she didn’t want to hear the answer. Desiree sighed, rubbing at one of her flaming cheeks.

“I—I um… I was… I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“Well, I mean, I do know…”

“Desiree Maria Danforth, you know it’s a sin to lie to me.”

“I’m sorry mom. I was curious, that’s all.”

“About… what? …Sex?” She asked hesitantly. Desiree nodded slowly.

“Yeah, about that.”

“Does this somehow involve your brother?”

“Kind of.”

“Okay, that’s all I need to know, Pudding. I’ll bring up your school work in a minute, and you can do your vocabulary in here while I use the downstairs phone to… catch up with Chad.”



Chad Danforth was lounging out on the living room sofa when Ryan, clad in nothing but a pair of silk boxer shorts, sidled up to him with the home phone. “It’s your mother,” He whispered nervously, his one hand clenched over the speaker of the telephone. Chad sighed, but held out his hand. Ryan quickly deposited the object in his boyfriend’s hands, taking a seat next to Chad on the couch.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” He asked lightly, smiling as he dragged Ryan over to him. He positioned them so that Ryan was lying with his back up against Chad’s chest, in between Chad’s sweatpants-clad legs. He winced as his mother’s screaming voice reverberated inside of his head, snapping the phone quickly away from his poor, bleeding ears.

“Um… what was that?”

A few moments of tense silence ensued as Chad listened to what his mother had to say. His facial expressions went from scared to concern to scared again, and then his face froze in a look of humiliation. “She what?” He squeaked out, his hand involuntarily clenching—hard—onto Ryan’s hand. Ryan wiggled his fingers slightly, and Chad quickly let go, rubbing the smaller, paler hand in his own as a sign of apology before he got up from the couch to nervously pace around the apartment. Ryan watched him with part amusement and part worry. He had a feeling that Desiree was the subject of the current conversation, because Mrs. Danforth called the pair once every week as a check-up, and she had called them two days ago. Whenever she called for the second time that week, it was a warning sign that something was wrong, and when that happened, Desiree was usually the reason for the call.

As soon as Chad hung the phone up, his cheeks a deep shade of crimson, Ryan leapt up from the couch, as if he’d been bound to the couch up until Chad placed the phone back onto the cradle. “What happened?”

“Oh…my… God.” Was all his boyfriend muttered out, putting his head in his hands. Ryan grew even more worried.

“What? Is Desiree hurt or something?” He gasped out loud. “Oh Chad, did someone die?”

Chad couldn’t help but chuckle at how pessimistic his boyfriend could be—he’d always jump to the worst-case scenario. “No, no one died, and Dez isn’t hurt.”

“Then what was that phone call about?” Ryan prodded, sitting down on one of the kitchen stools. Chad took a seat next to him with a sigh.

“Let’s just say that Corbin and Lucas got to do what we did last weekend at my place.”

Ryan’s blue eyes bulged hilariously, and he put both of his hands over his wide-open mouth. “Oh… my… GOD!” He screeched, turning a reddish color down to his chest—it was very becoming, in Chad’s opinion. So becoming that he just had to drag the boy to the bedroom to do exactly what Corbin and Lucas were still doing.


A New Resolution - Sequel to Secret Santa

Here you all go, my poor, poor readers: a follow-up to my dreadful Secret Santa! xD
Since it was too long for LJ, I posted the link to my FanFiction version instead. Click the link below to view!!
{ A New Resolution }

Secret Santa (Pt6)


Secret Santa

A Holiday Fan Fiction,

Written by Desinere


Secret Santa No More- -

December 24, 2007:


Many people found it odd that they had school on the day of Christmas Eve, but they paid no mind to it. There was no classes that day: everyone just came to school for half of a day to exchange presents, watch old Christmas movies, have a wonderful little Christmas party in the cafeteria, and admire the upcoming holiday season.


Ryan was completely jittery today; because he was sure that this was the final time he’d get something from his Secret Santa. It made him want to wear all black clothing, or no hats!


Chad, Ryan noticed, was extremely nervous looking, even in his red-and-green ensemble. Today, his t-shirt read ‘Wanna Kiss?’ and had a cartoon drawing of a sprig of mistletoe above the block letters.


He had gotten a note, via Zeke, that read:


Meet me in the instrument equipment room after the cafeteria party.


He was just a pile of wonderfully dressed nerves! He couldn’t keep his hands from shaking slightly, or his feet from tapping. He was on the receiving end of many a smirk today, it seemed, because even Kelsi and Gabby were sending knowing, sly grins his way.


 He couldn’t properly enjoy himself during the annual East High Christmastime party, the one that took place in the cafeteria when lunch was usually served. He didn’t notice the pretty, candy cane-colored streamers tacked all around the room, or the cute little gingerbread houses used as centerpieces for each of the lunchroom’s tables (courtesy of Zeke), or the chorus of the school, situated in the corner of the room where the lunch line would usually be as they belted out Christmas carol after Christmas carol.


All he could think about was Hot Chocolate… That was his new codename for this Secret Santa person. Chad did say that they were hot chocolate. He only hoped that Chad had some decent taste in men.


…Wait a minute. Why would Chad have any taste at all when it came to men! Ryan nearly fell out of his seat when he realized something very strange about this whole Secret Santa.


Chad had delivered most of the presents to Ryan, Chad gave him a few more clues, and Chad was acting so strangely around Ryan lately! And the stupid song… “Jingle Bell Rock”! It all seemed to tie perfectly together, yet Ryan didn’t let himself believe the little discovery that he came up with, though it made almost perfect sense.


He would have to wait and find out.


The bell rang, signaling the end of the party as well as the end of the day. What? Where had the whole party time gone! He didn’t even get to dance around with Shar, or anyone for that matter! He pouted. This Secret Santa would be getting a piece of his mind.


“Hey Troy,” Ryan called out, slightly uncomfortable. He needed to make sure of one teensy thing. The golden boy turned and looked surprised for a moment at being summoned by the Drama King himself, but he quickly shook it off. He walked over to Ryan with a casual smile on his face.


“Hey Ryan. What can I help you with?”


“Tell me, do you know where Chad is?” Ryan asked impatiently, looking frantically into Troy’s oceanic-blue eyes. He saw hesitation, slight surprise, and hesitancy in those eyes that were as easy to read as a book.


“Um… I think he left like, ten minutes ago. Why?”


“No reason.” Ryan said with an unreadable facial expression, walking away from a baffled Troy without so much as a goodbye.



“Chad,” Ryan called out, sounding more like a madman in a frenzied state of mind (did a madman have any other states of mind?). “Chad! I know you’re in there.”


He knew almost fully what to expect, but it didn’t make him any less surprised to find Chad, dressed in surprisingly tasteful, slightly formal attire. He was leaning up against the baby grand that Kelsi normally occupied, wearing a button-down long-sleeved dress shirt that was the same color blue as one of Ryan’s favorite blue fedoras with a pair of form-fitting dark blue jeans. He looked up with an expression similar to a deer caught in the headlights before it was replaced with a nervous, tense smile.


“Um… Hey Ryan.”


“Chad, if this is some kind of joke, the gig’s off. You’re some kind of ass, playing with people’s hearts like that. And during the holiday season no less! Christmas is about spreading joy, not misery!” Ryan ranted, eyes wide as he stalked up to Chad who looked more and more unsettled with every step Ryan took.


“Ry, would you cool it and let me do some explaining first?” Chad asked with a slightly hysteric tone of voice. Ryan said nothing, but waited with his arms folded across his chest.


“Okay, so I’m the Secret Santa.” Chad held up a hand when Ryan opened his mouth. “But I have other reasons than to make you miserable!”




“Well, I um…” Chad began uncertainly, running a hand through his slightly unruly mane of hair. “I kind of have this weird crush on you.”


Ryan abruptly turned around just then, muttering something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe him!’

Chad called out frantically, “Ryan, wait a minute! I’ll prove it to you! I’ll prove that I’m not kidding!” Ryan took a deep yoga breath, attempting to calm himself. He felt like screaming out in anger or crying until his eyes bled. Why would someone who he thought of as a friend do something so hurtful as this?


A few notes were played from the piano, before they took on a composed ballad. After a few seconds, a voice rang out in the otherwise quiet air. Chad’s voice sounded like a rich blend of deep espresso, milky satiny chocolate, spicy mint, and oozy honey. It made Ryan want to shiver.


“Hot cocoa for chilly, wintry nights

Some wool mittens for a snowball fight

A Christmas carol to make a smile break free—

How many ornaments are on that Christmas tree?


“I’m singing and singing for you

Hoping to catch your ears with this tune

Happy Holidays just doesn’t seem right

Without you by my side and with me tonight


“Candy cane flavored kisses being spread on my lips

A wonderful feeling of delight from a card

The little snowflake that you catch on your nose—

The feeling of kisses spread to my toes


“I’m asking Santa for you this year, boy

I need you more than any silly little toy

Merry Christmas just doesn’t seem fair

Without the one for whom I truly do care


“Silly little Santa caps tilted on top your head

Smiling little ginger-men you just can’t resist

Bottles and bottles of jazzed-up eggnog—


“Oh, Santa Claus can’t be coming to town

If he ain’t got something that is what I’ve found

I need you and you only for Christmas; I hope you do show—


“‘Cause I don’t think I could stand to see you go…

‘Cause I don’t think I could stand to see you go.”


Ryan said nothing more, merely walking right out of the storage room without a second glance. Chad was left, looking like a beaten puppy, sitting there alone in the music storage room until Troy came in to check up on him.

Secret Santa (Pt5)

Secret Santa

A Holiday Fan Fiction,

Written by Desinere

A Festive Evans is Scary- -

December 21, 2007:


Ryan couldn’t remember the last time he felt so… cheerful! He was never a Christmastime Scrooge, but he wasn’t one to deck the halls with boughs of… well, you get the point. But still, when he woke up the next day, he felt like he was made of Christmas spirit, gingerbread men, and cheesy Christmas love songs!


He walked into school that Monday wearing a completely laughable attire that still seemed to work with him: he wore a cute little button-down dress shirt that looked suspiciously like a gingerbread man from the waist up (complete with gumdrop buttons! Fake ones, of course.), pants that were the same color as his shirt, and a pair of green slipper-shoes that had identical, polished golden bells on the heel of each. If Christmas spirit were to get drunk and throw up, Ryan would be that disgusting pile of regurgitated cheer (I so got that one from Ace of Cakes)!


Many people stared, some even had the indecency to laugh, but others could not soil Ryan’s unusually good mood. He proudly strutted in his elf slipper-shoes, the bells ring-ting-tingling as he went merrily along from class to class.


During lunch, he hummed Jingle Bell Rock over and over again. It got so annoying that even Kelsi asked Ryan—politely, of course—to shut up. He was just so elated! He couldn’t wait to get his gift today.


Chad was the only one who didn’t seem bothered in the least by Ryan’s odd behavior. In fact, he seemed to be quite chipper because of it.


“Delivery.” Gabriella said with a giggle when she and Chad came to the table. Ryan jumped up excitedly, figuring that it was for him, when Gabriella handed Troy a tiny gingerbread man before giving him a sweet kiss. He sat back down with a sigh. Chad chuckled. “Jeez, Evans. Chill. I’ve got something for you too.”


He handed Ryan a small note card that was tied to the white puff of a Santa hat, and a small, smiling gingerbread man in a plastic baggie. Ryan gave a squeak of delight and nearly tackled Chad in the process of getting his items. “Sorry, Chad!” He said bashfully, holding onto Chad before the boy could plummet to the floor. Chad seemed to color slightly. He coughed, quickly removing himself from Ryan’s hold. “It’s okay.”


Ryan sat down and removed the note from the hat, placing the cap on his head so that it was tilted to the side. He was thankful that he didn’t find a hat to wear in time for school today! It was like all of his hats went missing.


Inside was:


Silly little Santa caps tilted on top your head

Smiling little ginger-men you just can’t resist


Ryan laughed out loud, much to the amusement of the others sitting with him at the lunch table. Even Sharpay let out a little giggle. Ryan turned a slight pink color and tucked away his note and his gingerbread man. He didn’t think he could muster up the courage to eat such a cute little cookie-creature.

December 23, 2007:

During his jazz class (which took place on Sundays) Ryan couldn’t help but feel sad that he wouldn’t be able to get any presents today. He was down yesterday as well. For once, he wished that school would continue throughout the weekends.


It was exactly two days to Christmas day, and Ryan was both excited and sad to see the whole Secret Santa thing end for good.


He had a small amount of clues with him… it was a guy, the person knew Chad well (the boy had been delivering quite a few of those gifts after all), and he was ‘hot chocolate’, which meant, to be completely not racist, that the boy was of African descent… and that was it. Well, he wasn’t sure, but the mysterious guy could quite possibly be a part of the basketball team if they gave him that ornament.


Sharpay suddenly tromped in when he was mindlessly doing repetitive jazz squares. “Ryan, I think you know how to execute one of those perfectly, don’t you think?” She asked with a raised, perfectly weaved brow. Ryan grinned sheepishly.


“I’m just so… Well, I can’t stop thinking about him. Shar, who do you think it could be?” Since Sharpay was his twin sister, Ryan told her practically everything. It was expected! They were two parts of a whole!


“I have no idea, Ryan.” She said with feigned boredom. Even though she tended to act like she couldn’t care less, Ryan knew that deep, deep, deep down that his prima-Donna sister cared.


“Here, this came in for you from your secret admirer who has to be Jack Frost’s kid,” She said sarcastically, handing over a bottle that looked suspiciously like an old-fashioned glass milk jar. He furrowed his eyebrows and shut off his stereo.


The note read:


Bottles and bottles of jazzed-up eggnog…


“Jazzed… up?” He asked himself with a small grin. Sharpay, who had been reading over Ryan’s shoulder, huffed.


“Honestly, that stupid friend of Troy’s is just so… stupid!”


“He’s friends with Troy?” Ryan asked, looking much like a puppy who’d been shown a bone.


“Um… I’ve got to go shopping now. Toodles!” She called nervously, quickly marching out in her Prada heels. That was odd. Since when was Sharpay ever so… nervous?


He let the thought drift out of his mind, instead taking a closer look at his gift. It was obviously a bottle of eggnog that was… if he wasn’t mistaken… ‘jazzed-up’. This person really made a point to get personal.


He smiled dreamily and popped the lid open, taking a test swig of the beverage. He quickly spat the contents of his mouth out onto the polished wood floors. “That’s…”


He stared at the bottle in wonder. “Fabulous!”


Completely forgetting about the mess he made that his instructor surely wouldn’t be too pleased about, and overlooking the fact that there was still a good thirty minutes left of his class, he walked out, and took a deep gulp of the eggnog he’d received.

Secret Santa (Pt4)

Secret Santa

A Holiday Fan Fiction,

Written by Desinere

A Sweet Kiss - -

December 20, 2007:


It was homeroom on Thursday, and Ryan felt so tired. He was seriously overanalyzing this whole shenanigan! Ew, he sounded like some kind of old, fruity grandpa… Try that once more. He was seriously overanalyzing this whole sitch!


…Eh, he figured that sounding like Kim Possible was better than sounding like Papa Evans.


He was trying not to doze off—Ms. Darbus would have his lovely, well-moisturized hide—but his attempts weren’t necessary. Ms. Darbus squawked out, very shrilly Ryan might add,


“Class, as the winter festivities near closer and closer still, it is customary for many an actor or actress to perform acts, or even sing songs in spirit of the holidays. As a completely unsystematic start to your day, I would like to know each of your favorite Christmas songs!”


An audible groan rose from the dead that were the senior class of East High. Ms. Darbus clapped her hands to wake everyone up, mumbling something about unappreciative, sloppy children.


“Let’s start with… Taylor! Taylor McKessie, name your favorite Christmas song, please.” The dramatic Drama class teacher demanded, rather than requested. The dark-skinned young brain of a woman visibly gulped before responding, “Um… Carol of the Bells?”


“Good, good,” Ms. Darbus said, sounding like she could care less. “Mr. Danforth. Your favorite Christmas carol, if that isn’t too much to ask for?” The teacher asked with a raised brow. For once, Chad looked completely up to the challenge of answering a question and said, arms folded in front of him, “Jingle Bell Rock.”


The song title sparked something within Ryan’s memory. Why was it so significant again? He lost his train of thought when he noticed that Chad was blatantly staring right at him, a smirk alit in his eyes. Ryan looked confused for a second. What? Did he have something on his face? He self-consciously rubbed a palm over his right cheek.


Right… Why was Jingle Bell Rock so familiar, so important, and so key?


In an instant, a penguin flashed in his mind, along with a wildcat mockery of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Of course! The presents!


This must mean that Chad had some connection with the mystery person, but Ryan already figured that. It couldn’t be Troy, could it? Or maybe it was Zeke? Ryan shuddered; for some reason, he didn’t think either boy would do something so heartfelt and nice for Ryan, even if they were all friends.


He sighed, storing the information away in a file for later use.



Ryan was busily inspecting his nail beds (he was due for a manicure soon) when a triangular-shaped note landed on his desk. He glanced around, curious, and didn’t see anyone looking at him. Chad, who sat next to him in Science class, was busy listening to his iPod.


He took a moment to figure out how to unfold the stupid thing, and smiled in delight when he saw that familiar penmanship. It was his little Secret Santa!


The notebook paper was decorated with doodles of small sprigs of red-and-green holly, gingerbread people, and candy canes. In the center was written:


I’m asking Santa for you this year, boy

I need you more than any silly little toy

Merry Christmas just doesn’t seem fair

Without the one for whom I truly do care…


(Hey! Wait outside of the nurse’s office after this class; you’ll find something for you.)


Ryan blinked with surprise at how heartfelt the poem was. He’d discovered something odd about each of the notes, because when he put the little sayings together, it seemed to make an odd kind of ode. This one didn’t really seem to fit in with the pattern Ryan had been noticing, but he didn’t care. It was the thought that counted!


He smiled and sighed, hugging the paper slightly to his chest. Chad was giving him an odd look, and Ryan just stuck his tongue out at the frizzy-haired jock, too upbeat to be insecure.




He was there, waiting outside of Mrs. Bentley’s (the nurse of East High) office when Chad walked past him.


“Hey Ryan,” He said casually, tossing a small brown paper bag at the boy that he thankfully caught mid-air, “You got another present.”


“Wait, Chad!” Ryan said, running to catch up with the quickly moving jock. He was busily doing tricks with a basketball with his one hand while the other was tucked into his jeans’ pocket. “Did you see who it was that gave this to you?”


Chad stumbled for a second, which caused him to lose control of the ball he was spinning. Ryan caught it just in time before it landed on Chad’s unprotected head. “Here,” Ryan said, tossing the orange sphere back to the surprised jock. “Now, did you see who gave this to you?”


“Well,” Chad said sheepishly, hugging his precious basketball closer to his chest, “I might know who he is.”


“You do? Oh, tell me! Tell me!” Ryan prompted, latching onto Chad’s arm in a similar way he’d done to Kelsi yesterday. Chad laughed then, and quickly removed himself from the bouncy Evans boy.


“Come on, Evans! You can’t be that thickheaded! Do you know how many clues have been thrown your way so far?” He asked with a contemplative raised eyebrow. Ryan pouted and rearranged his red-and-white-striped newsboy cap upon his head (it was one that cutely resembled a candy cane!).


“Please, just one little hint?” Ryan asked, batting his eyelashes. Chad rolled his eyes but smiled.


“Well, since you asked so nicely…” He said, indicating to Ryan to move closer. “…He’s hot chocolate.”


“Hot… what?” Ryan asked, but he was talking to himself, because Chad had walked off, grinning, down the hall. “How can he be hot choco—“ Ryan’s eyes widened greatly. “Oh. Hot chocolate.” He gave a saucy grin.


So engrossed in the little clue he’d gotten, he almost forgot to look at his new gift. He shrugged; it was time to leave the school anyway, so he could open it up once he got home.



He sat in his desk, the past notes strewn about on his desk’s surface. His desk was festive-looking; a small artificial Christmas tree, with blinking multi-colored lights and small ornaments (including one musical Wildcats one), sat in one corner, and he had an empty, holly-patterned thermos in the other corner.


The feeling of kisses spread to my toes…


(Hope you like chocolate.)


He frowned. Why wouldn’t he like chocolate? He remembered the forgotten bag and, popping the staple out of the folded bag, he shoved his hands inside. He felt small, cool-to-the-touch, slightly rounded yet slightly pointed objects, as well as strange, wispy things. He grabbed onto one item, and removed his hand from inside of the opaque bag.


In between his pointer finger and thumb was a red-and-white-striped Hershey’s chocolate kiss.


How cliché, yet how sweet! Ryan smiled tenderly; how did this person know that he loved peppermint-flavored Hershey kisses? He bit into the delicious morsel, savoring the rich tastes that overflowed his taste receptors.


This was definitely turning out to be a pretty good almost-Christmas.