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Secret Santa (Pt5)

Secret Santa

A Holiday Fan Fiction,

Written by Desinere

A Festive Evans is Scary- -

December 21, 2007:


Ryan couldn’t remember the last time he felt so… cheerful! He was never a Christmastime Scrooge, but he wasn’t one to deck the halls with boughs of… well, you get the point. But still, when he woke up the next day, he felt like he was made of Christmas spirit, gingerbread men, and cheesy Christmas love songs!


He walked into school that Monday wearing a completely laughable attire that still seemed to work with him: he wore a cute little button-down dress shirt that looked suspiciously like a gingerbread man from the waist up (complete with gumdrop buttons! Fake ones, of course.), pants that were the same color as his shirt, and a pair of green slipper-shoes that had identical, polished golden bells on the heel of each. If Christmas spirit were to get drunk and throw up, Ryan would be that disgusting pile of regurgitated cheer (I so got that one from Ace of Cakes)!


Many people stared, some even had the indecency to laugh, but others could not soil Ryan’s unusually good mood. He proudly strutted in his elf slipper-shoes, the bells ring-ting-tingling as he went merrily along from class to class.


During lunch, he hummed Jingle Bell Rock over and over again. It got so annoying that even Kelsi asked Ryan—politely, of course—to shut up. He was just so elated! He couldn’t wait to get his gift today.


Chad was the only one who didn’t seem bothered in the least by Ryan’s odd behavior. In fact, he seemed to be quite chipper because of it.


“Delivery.” Gabriella said with a giggle when she and Chad came to the table. Ryan jumped up excitedly, figuring that it was for him, when Gabriella handed Troy a tiny gingerbread man before giving him a sweet kiss. He sat back down with a sigh. Chad chuckled. “Jeez, Evans. Chill. I’ve got something for you too.”


He handed Ryan a small note card that was tied to the white puff of a Santa hat, and a small, smiling gingerbread man in a plastic baggie. Ryan gave a squeak of delight and nearly tackled Chad in the process of getting his items. “Sorry, Chad!” He said bashfully, holding onto Chad before the boy could plummet to the floor. Chad seemed to color slightly. He coughed, quickly removing himself from Ryan’s hold. “It’s okay.”


Ryan sat down and removed the note from the hat, placing the cap on his head so that it was tilted to the side. He was thankful that he didn’t find a hat to wear in time for school today! It was like all of his hats went missing.


Inside was:


Silly little Santa caps tilted on top your head

Smiling little ginger-men you just can’t resist


Ryan laughed out loud, much to the amusement of the others sitting with him at the lunch table. Even Sharpay let out a little giggle. Ryan turned a slight pink color and tucked away his note and his gingerbread man. He didn’t think he could muster up the courage to eat such a cute little cookie-creature.

December 23, 2007:

During his jazz class (which took place on Sundays) Ryan couldn’t help but feel sad that he wouldn’t be able to get any presents today. He was down yesterday as well. For once, he wished that school would continue throughout the weekends.


It was exactly two days to Christmas day, and Ryan was both excited and sad to see the whole Secret Santa thing end for good.


He had a small amount of clues with him… it was a guy, the person knew Chad well (the boy had been delivering quite a few of those gifts after all), and he was ‘hot chocolate’, which meant, to be completely not racist, that the boy was of African descent… and that was it. Well, he wasn’t sure, but the mysterious guy could quite possibly be a part of the basketball team if they gave him that ornament.


Sharpay suddenly tromped in when he was mindlessly doing repetitive jazz squares. “Ryan, I think you know how to execute one of those perfectly, don’t you think?” She asked with a raised, perfectly weaved brow. Ryan grinned sheepishly.


“I’m just so… Well, I can’t stop thinking about him. Shar, who do you think it could be?” Since Sharpay was his twin sister, Ryan told her practically everything. It was expected! They were two parts of a whole!


“I have no idea, Ryan.” She said with feigned boredom. Even though she tended to act like she couldn’t care less, Ryan knew that deep, deep, deep down that his prima-Donna sister cared.


“Here, this came in for you from your secret admirer who has to be Jack Frost’s kid,” She said sarcastically, handing over a bottle that looked suspiciously like an old-fashioned glass milk jar. He furrowed his eyebrows and shut off his stereo.


The note read:


Bottles and bottles of jazzed-up eggnog…


“Jazzed… up?” He asked himself with a small grin. Sharpay, who had been reading over Ryan’s shoulder, huffed.


“Honestly, that stupid friend of Troy’s is just so… stupid!”


“He’s friends with Troy?” Ryan asked, looking much like a puppy who’d been shown a bone.


“Um… I’ve got to go shopping now. Toodles!” She called nervously, quickly marching out in her Prada heels. That was odd. Since when was Sharpay ever so… nervous?


He let the thought drift out of his mind, instead taking a closer look at his gift. It was obviously a bottle of eggnog that was… if he wasn’t mistaken… ‘jazzed-up’. This person really made a point to get personal.


He smiled dreamily and popped the lid open, taking a test swig of the beverage. He quickly spat the contents of his mouth out onto the polished wood floors. “That’s…”


He stared at the bottle in wonder. “Fabulous!”


Completely forgetting about the mess he made that his instructor surely wouldn’t be too pleased about, and overlooking the fact that there was still a good thirty minutes left of his class, he walked out, and took a deep gulp of the eggnog he’d received.


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Dec. 22nd, 2007 02:06 am (UTC)
gahhh i need the last part tis sooo cute
Dec. 22nd, 2007 03:47 pm (UTC)
Silly Ryan. Come ON!

I agree when Chad said earlier that he was given enough clues; this is practically being spelled out to him! (Then again, given that everybody wore GO DRAMA CLUB in the first movie, he couldn't read that, either.) I'm surprised he gets dressed himself, for crying out loud.

On the basketball team.
Apparently is madly in love with you.
Friends with Troy.

That narrows down to Chad and Zeke. Zeke loves Sharpay, and Chad...well, obviously, Ryan's an idiot and hasn't gotten here yet.

I need the last part before I hit someone. xD POST!
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